Foot Warts

What are Plantar/foot Warts?

For adults and especially children, plantar aka foot warts are very common. These are non-cancerous skin growths. Usually found on the bottom of the foot and are caused by a virus. They can sometimes resemble a corn or a callus. These warts are not harmful but they can cause irritation or discomfort and can spread from person to person.

Foot warts are typically small, about the size of an eraser on a pencil. They can grow larger and in clusters known as mosaic warts.                              

How Do You Get Plantar/Foot Warts?

Warts can pass from person to person. However, the transmission is usually indirect. For example, a person with a foot wart can touch a surface, such as a communal shower, and then another person can enter and touch the same surface, thus spreading the virus. The risk is small however. Those with a suppressed immune system are more vulnerable to getting warts.

How are Warts Treated?

Warts rarely heal on their own. Treatment can include liquid nitrogen applications to freeze the wart, laser or surgery to remove it, and injecting or applying medication to rid the person of the virus by strengthening the immune system.

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