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Frequently asked questions:

The following are some FAQs in regards to booking podiatry appointment online form:

Select Your Preferred Date and Time: Choose a date and time that works for you.

Provide Personal Information: You will need to fill out the above form with your personal information. This include your name, contact details, insurance information (if applicable), and any specific details about your foot or ankle issue.

Confirm Your Appointment: Review the information you’ve entered to ensure it’s accurate, and then confirm your appointment.

Receive Confirmation of your podiatry appointment online: After submitting the request above, you should receive a confirmation email or phone call.

Prepare for Your Appointment: Download the new patient paperwork, print and complete to expedite your visit with us.

Attend Your Appointment: On the scheduled date and time, please ensure to arrive 15-30 minute before your scheduled arrival time. Thank you!

book podiatry appointment online
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Plan my visit:

Thank you for making an appointment with us! From the initial consultation to the final step of your recovery, we will ensure quick and efficent healing! We are looking forward to seeing you soon. In the mean time here are some pointers to make your visit smoother:

What to Bring (You may email or fax (727-842-9505) in advance as well.)

New patients are encouraged to bring in

(1) New Patient Registration form to make the check in process as efficient as possible.

(2) insurance card(s),
(3) driver’s license or photo ID,
(4) required co-pay and.
(5) any recent tests, labs, scans or x-rays that may pertain to your foot and ankle issue. Please bring the list of all of your medications and allergies.


We have clearly-marked parking spots on both sides of the building. The office does have a ramp for our wheel-chair patients. There is one handicap spot at the front of the office. Please note that we are directly opposite Emergency room entrance of North Bay Hospital (Baycare).

Signing In

After arriving we kindly ask you sign in at front desk and have your insurance card(s) and photo ID readily available. If you have Medicare- or Medicare-type insurance, please provide the date you were last seen by your primary care physician. This is in accordance with Medicare guidelines.

Thank you for booking your podiatry appointment online!

What happens at a podiatry appointment?

After you receive confirmation from our staff regarding your podiatry appointment online you can expect the following:

  1. Medical History Review: Dr. Omair Zafar will begin by asking you about your medical history. They’ll inquire about any existing medical conditions, surgeries, medications, allergies, and other relevant health information. It’s essential to provide accurate details to help Dr. Zafar understand your overall health.
  2. Discussion of Symptoms: You’ll have an opportunity to discuss the specific symptoms or issues you’re experiencing with your feet or lower extremities. Be sure to describe the location, duration, and intensity of any pain, discomfort, or other concerns.
  3. Physical Examination: Dr. Zafar will conduct a thorough physical examination of your feet and lower limbs. This examination may include checking for:
    • Swelling, redness, or discoloration
    • Deformities or structural abnormalities
    • Range of motion and joint function
    • Skin and nail conditions (e.g., fungal infections, corns, calluses)
    • Circulation and sensation (e.g., pulses and reflexes)
  4. Diagnostic Tests: Depending on your symptoms and the findings from the physical examination, Dr. Zafar may order diagnostic tests such as X-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs, or blood tests to further evaluate your condition.
  5. Diagnosis: Based on your medical history, symptoms, physical examination, and any diagnostic tests, Dr. Zafar will make a diagnosis. They will explain the nature of your condition and its possible causes. If additional testing or imaging is required, they will discuss this with you.
  6. Treatment Plan: Once a diagnosis is established, Dr. Zafar will develop a personalized treatment plan. This plan may involve various options, including:
    • Medications (e.g., pain relievers, anti-inflammatories)
    • Physical therapy or exercises
    • Orthotics (custom shoe inserts)
    • Footwear recommendations
    • Minor surgical procedures (e.g., ingrown toenail removal)
    • Lifestyle modifications
    • Referral to other specialists if necessary
  7. Education: Dr. Zafar will educate you about your condition, its progression, and the steps you can take to manage or prevent it. They will provide guidance on foot care and answer any questions you may have.
  8. Follow-Up: Depending on your condition, he may schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your progress, adjust your treatment plan, or perform additional procedures if needed.
  9. Prescriptions: If medication is prescribed, Dr. Omair Zafar will provide instructions on how to take it and any potential side effects to watch for.
  10. Recommendations for Preventive Care: Dr. Zafar will always provide advice on preventive measures to maintain healthy feet and prevent future issues. This may include proper footwear, foot hygiene, and exercises. Book your podiatry appointment online today!
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