What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are specialized cells that can change from generalized to more specialized cells. They can also make copies of themselves. This self-renewing property means the body has a pool of cells available for repairing injured or damaged tissues.

The human embryo, for example, is a collection of stem-cells that gradually develop into different organs, blood cells, bones, skin and other kinds of tissue. Research indicates that they have the capability to repair or even replace other body tissues, which could make them helpful in healing injuries or disease.

Stem cells

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cells can be used for arthritis and degenerative problems like joint disease and tendinitis, and to grow new skin for patients with severe burns. Research is currently underway to see if they could be used to test new medications or generate new tissues and organs for transplant purposes.

How Are Stem Cells Used in Podiatry?

Stem cells are currently being used to treat foot and ankles injuries that involve damage to joints, ligaments, muscles and/or tendons.

Achilles tendonitis
Plantar fasciitis
Other chronic foot injuries

Chronic heel pain can be treated with SCT as well, as well as chronic inflammation type conditions of the foot and ankle.

Sometimes when a bone is broken, the ends won’t fuse together, a condition called non-union. Stem cell injections seem to be effective in forming new bone and speeding the healing of the fracture.

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